For Parents

What do I tell my child about The Saville Center interview?

“You and I are going to The Saville Center. It’s a special place where kids go to talk. It is important to tell the truth and you are not in trouble.”

  • Do not tell your child what to say.
  • Do not offer your child a reward for telling.

What is a Forensic Interview?

A forensic interview is designed to make your child feel as comfortable as possible while gathering information to determine if a crime has occurred.

What happens during the Forensic Interview?

Law enforcement and/or child protective services will watch the interview through a one-way mirror as it is taking place.

Interviews are recorded to reduce the number of times your child has to talk about the abuse.

Can I watch the Forensic Interview?

No, only those people who are directly involved with the investigation are allowed to observe the interview.

This is done to reduce the possible stress on your child and to provide a neutral setting for your child, and the investigation.

How long does the Forensic Interview last?

The professional conducting the interview will plan on spending as much time as needed with your child before the interview to help them feel safe and comfortable.

The average interview takes 45 minutes to 
1 hour.

Who will talk to my child?

Your child will talk to a Forensic Interviewer who has special training and experience in talking with children about difficult subjects.

Questions are asked in a nonthreatening and non-leading manner at a place that is comfortable with your child. The interviewer NEVER forces a child to talk to them.

You will be able to discuss any questions or concerns with the Forensic Interviewer before the interview.

Steps in the Interview Process

  • Before the Forensic Interview

    When you and your child arrive, you will wait in the family room. The family room has TV/VCR, books and toys. You and your child will meet the Forensic Interviewer to discuss questions you might have.

  • During the Interview

    You will be asked to remain in the family room while your child is interviewed. The process of determining what happened to your child and how to proceed may seem overwhelming. You will meet with your Advocate to ensure that your family receives all the necessary 
support and services.

  • After the Interview

    The Forensic Interviewer will bring your child back to the family room when the interview is finished. Do not question your child about what happened in the interview.

    You will then meet with the investigators in a separate room to discuss the interview and the next step in the investigation process.

  • Follow-up

    Law enforcement and/or child protective services will keep you informed about the investigation and status of your child’s case. Your Advocate is always available to talk with you about any feelings or concerns you may have.

The Saville Center brings together all the professionals and agencies needed to offer services: law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, mental health, medical, and advocacy.


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Individuals often feel powerless when confronted with child abuse. However, one person can do something! The Saville Center has found a way for one person to make a lasting difference in an abused child's life - sponsorship!


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