How is The Saville Center different from CASA?

The Saville Center assists children and families in the initial investigation of child abuse, often the first step in a child’s abuse disclosure (interviews, medical exams, mental health intake services) and continues to give support and services as they move through the process. Court-Appointed-Special-Advocates assist the families once there is court-involvement, sometimes months after The Saville Center has first made contact with the family.

How many kids do you see per year at The Saville Center?

It is sometimes difficult to estimate the number of children the Center will see. The patterns of child abuse reporting sometimes follows the school year (i.e., there are more reports during the school year than in summer months), but overall, we can expect anywhere from 100 to 150 children on-site each year. The CARES Team will serve more 300 children per year in case review.

I know a child who could benefit from a Forensic Interview or SANE medical exam, how can you help?

The Saville Center can only receive referrals from the Department of Human Services (Child Protective Services) or Law Enforcement. If you suspect child abuse, you (all adults in Oklahoma) are mandated by law to call 1-800-522-3511.

How is The Saville Center funded?

The Saville Center does not charge our clients for any services or assistance. Therefore, we rely on donations and grants for all of our funding.
The Saville Center currently receives state and national grant funds, and is a member of the Stillwater Area United Way. Additionally, we hold an annual fundraiser and receive donations from the generous Payne County community.

The Saville Center brings together all the professionals and agencies needed to offer services: law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, mental health, medical, and advocacy.


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Individuals often feel powerless when confronted with child abuse. However, one person can do something! The Saville Center has found a way for one person to make a lasting difference in an abused child's life - sponsorship!


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